Medals and Finishershirts

Medals and Finishershirts for 2021

Almost 3950 athletes took part in the survey. Thank you very much for taking the time. This shows us how much you care about the medals and finisher shirts.

Here is the exact result of the 3946 participants:

64,32% voted for using the medals 2020 also for 2021
66,42 % voted for using the finisher shirt 2020 also for 2021
61,56 % voted for using the finisher shirts and the medals out of 2020 also for 2021

Many of you dropped us your personal opinion and suggestion on the topic. We really take them very seriously and thank you very much for your input.

Due to the feedback and the narrow result, we decided to design a new finisher shirt as well as a new medal for DATEV Challenge Roth 2021. Therefore, everyone racing in 2021 will receive a correct and updated version of the medal and the finisher shirt.

We are happy about the fact that you are also worried about the environment protection. That is why we thought a lot about what we could do with the 2020 medals and shirts in order to do something good for you, but also for others.

As a memory for this year and this race - that actually never took place – the participants of DATEV Challenge Roth 2021 will have an exclusive opportunity to obtain a combined package including a finisher medal and a finisher shirt 2020 for only 10 Euro. The money will be donated to the Corona emergency aid of the Bavarian Red Cross.

Remaining shirts won’t be thrown away, they will be given to three of our volunteers who donate them directly to needy people in Somalia, Zimbabwe and Ruanda.

Remaining medals out of 2020 will be donated to children and young people triathlons which can contact us for that purpose.

Thus, we are happy not to throw away any shirts or medals and at the same time we can do something good with you purchasing the combi-packages and us donating the money. At the same time, it is a nice souvenir for you.

We have taxed our brains a lot over the past weeks and hope we were following your interests. Nevertheless, we know that there cannot be any perfect solution during these days.

You can find further information on that topic on our recorded Facebook live (link to YouTube): https://youtu.be/GnZ-CwQeK3k

Thank you very much again and stay healthy.


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