71 nations – 71 posters

71 nations – 71 posters
Children from the whole county create posters for DATEV Challenge Roth    

Here’s some extra motivation: “Bonne Chance!”, “Daj vse!”, ”Andale!”, “Du kan göra det!”, “Vamos Chilenos!”, “Sulamat maju jaya!”, “Hopp Schwiiz!” or “Du schaffst es zum Ziel!”. On the floating stage of Triathlon Park on Monday, 300 children from 25 schools and kindergartens from throughout the county of Roth presented Alice Walchshöfer of TEAMCHALLENGE and Helmut Bauz, major of Büchenbach with their colourful motivational posters to support the athletes. There are 71 individual posters made with love for each nation taking part.

Roth is excited to welcome guests from all over the world and even the youngest are involved. Last year the schools created flags of all the countries for the festival tent which were loved by the visiting athletes. This year too, the county’s youngsters, coordinated by Arbeitskreis kulturelle Bildung der Bildungsregion Landkreis Roth, wanted to be involved again. The organizer of the working group Klaus Hübner praised the project as a “creative expression of welcomimg culture at its best”. In many classes and groups the kids did not just use colors, pencils and brushes but also came to grips with the different nations and cultures of the Challenge participants. Colors of the countries as well as flags were selected, unknown letters were practiced and foreign languages explored. All that, plus sport symbols and pictures, are combined on the posters.

Michael Buchholz of Landratsamt was also enthusiastic about the great cooperation with TEAMCHALLENGE and the opportunity to involve kids and youths. Like the educational landscape of the county the posters, created in the context of the project, are diverse and colorful. The list of participants ranges from Allesberg kindergarten and other day centres, many schools and groups up to Auhof.

“We are so excited about each and every beautiful poster”, said Alice Walchshöfer and thanked the kids with a little present in Challenge style. She gave posters directly to Büchenbach major Helmut Bauz who took them to his region. In Büchenbach, the heart of the new run course, the posters will be placed at the turnaround and provide runners with motivation as they round the pond as well as at the hot spot directly next to the Büchenbach town hall. For the first time, Büchenbach is part of the Challenge event and is putting everything in to welcome the events and the atheltes.


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