365 days of triathlon in Roth's town center

365 days of triathlon in Roth's town center
At the BAYERN 3 Welcome Party, the city of Roth presented the „Walk of Triathlon“

Once a year, the market square in Roth turns into a boiling pot, because since a couple of years, the running course leads directly through the “heart” of Roth. This year, the athletes are even going to cross the market square four times, instead of just one time, shortly before finishing, as it used to be before. “That's our free dose of motivation”, is how triathlon legend Lothar Leder describes the excited crowds at the place. It is also Leder, who takes the stage together with mayor Ralph Edelhäußer and town master mason Lydia Kartmann, to get the BAYERN 3 Welcome Party started. Edelhäußer explains that they want to have 365 days of triathlon in Roth and Kartmann talks about the idea gathering process that was started regarding a “Walk of Triathlon”.    

Last year, the city of Roth started this process to make triathlon a year-round experience in Roth's city center. Winner of this process was the idea of Anne Rumetsch, an architect from Nuremberg. First building block of the idea are, inspired by the stars at Hollywood's Walk of Fame, footprints of the winners from DATEV Challenge Roth, which are added to the pavement. The first foot prints are going to be from Lothar Leder, who was the first to break the 8-hour-mark at a long-distance-race in Roth. His feet, size 48, have been eternalized on a metal plate by the company Formenbau Zetterer from Unterheckenhofen (part of Roth). After the presentation on Friday, they will find a new home at the “Walk of Triathlon” in the heart of Roth. 

And for next year, Edelhäußer and Kartmann have their sights already on more special places from the world of triathlon. One of these special places is the former TSV-gym on Otto-Schrimpf-Street, near today's Triathlon park, where it all began more than 30 years ago.

The BAYERN 3 Band gets the party started at Roth's market square.
Photo: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel 


9 years in Roth – media partner BAYERN 3

It is the 9th time now, that media partner BAYERN 3 is supporting DATEV Challenge Roth and entertains the crowds at the Welcome Party at Roth's market square. To Bayern 3  boss Thomas Linke-Weiser, the DATEV Challenge Roth is the best sports event ever. The radio crew from BAYERN 3 enjoys being part of the triathlon family in Roth, year after year. True to the radio station's slogan “and you in the midst of it...”, the listeners are taken right into the midst of DATEV Challenge Roth. But also the BAYERN 3 team is right in the midst of it: Because ever since the beginning of this partnership, employees and hosts from the radio station have joined the race as relay teams or single starters. This year, marketing's Simone Bayer has her second start in Roth. The radio hosts Jacqueline Belle and Julia Liebing take it a little easier and take six BAYERN 3 listeners to Saturday's “Challenge Women”.

“Thank you for having us” says Thomas Linke-Weiser and he has brought, as a little sign of appreciation, a very special surprise: ten times two tickets for Ray Garvey's concert in August at Brombachsee. These tickets are meant for the volunteers, who make DATEV Challenge Roth what it is. 

BAYERN 3 sports host Bernd-Uwe Gutknecht can't be kept from picking Lothar Leder's brain about his expected results for Sunday's race. “Nils is gonna take it” is Leder's prediction for the men's field. For Daniela Ryf her fight for breaking Chrissie Wellington's world record and against the clock is going to be harder. The running course is harder than  it used to be and that's going to be taxing. 


Selfie with his own footprints – Lothar Leder was eternalized on the “Walk of Triathlon“.
Photo: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel 


Frodo's advice: „Fasten your seat belts!“

Last year's winner Jan Frodeno will only witness the running course as a spectator. After his victory exactly 12 months ago, he wanted to return to Roth as a spectator to be able to really enjoy the great atmosphere. For the rookies, who are going to have their premiere on Sunday, Jan Frodeno has some advice: “Fasten your seat belts, because nothing can prepare you for the great atmosphere along the course.”

Asked about what makes the region of Roth so special for triathlon, both of DATEV Challenge Roth's race directors, Felix and Kathrin Walchshöfer, don't hesitate to explain: “This region is incredible!” Countless volunteers make sure that the event runs smoothly and all the locals show a huge hospitality for the guests. A situation which is pron to produce lots of beautiful anecdotes.

Felix Walchshöfer is really excited, that 12 times a world record has been broken in Roth and also about Jan Frodenos unbelievable performance last year. This personal achievement and many more are really inspiring for the race director. As for example the achievement by Fireman Rob, aka Robert Verhelst, from the USA. He was working as a fire fighter in New York City after the 9/11 attacks and had to overcome psychological problems after that. Triathlon helped him get back to a normal life. By now he has a foundation that supports kids and races in triathlons all over the world. And: He does the running part in full fire fighter outfit.

DJ Tonic, aka Frank Eikenbusch, got the party started at the BAYERN 3 Party at the market square in Roth. At 9 pm the BAYERN 3 band took the stage and kept the party going until late at night. 


The BAYERN 3 Radio family meets the Challenge Family at the market square in Roth.
Photo: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel 


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