30 Years of Triathlon in Roth – the Anniversary Highlights

The world’s best field of participants
This year’s field of participants at DATEV Challenge Roth is a veritable Who’s Who of international triathlon stars. The male field includes Luke McKenzie from Australia (current 2nd place Hawaii finisher), world-class athlete and 2012 Hawaii winner Pete Jacobs (AUS), 4th place Hawaii finisher James Cunnama from South Africa, Eneko Llanos from the Basque country, last year’s winner of DATEV Challenge Roth, Dirk Bockel (LUX), Germany’s top athletes Timo Bracht and Nils Frommhold as well as many more tops. And there will also be a real world-class field of female athletes with Hawaii winner Mirinda Carfrae, 2nd place Hawaii finisher Rachel Joyce, Yvonne van Vlerken (4th place Hawaii finisher), Caroline Steffen (5th place Hawaii finisher) and Michelle Vesterby (8th place Hawaii finisher), as well as top-athlete Anja Beranek (née Ippach) from Fürth, Julia Gajer, Rebekah Keat and many more top female athletes.

“Sister Madonna’s” World Record Attempt
She is a nun, she is an enthusiastic triathlete, and she is 83 years old: Sister Madonna Buder from California, also known as “Iron Nun”, wants to establish a kind of different world record at DATEV Challenge Roth: she wants to be the oldest woman in the world to finish a long-distance triathlon. That’s a matter for the “Guinness Book of World Records”! But there is still a small element of uncertainty: Sister Madonna is still recovering from a fall off her bike in March. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for her to be in good shape again on July 20 – maybe she can hope for some help from up above.

Triathlon Stadium: New Look, better View
The Triathlon Stadium in Roth will be re-arranged once more and will present itself in a new closed look at the anniversary event. A two-story presenter’s tower will be built around the finish channel which the athletes pass to enter into the stadium. The presenters and Challenge TV will have their new place in the impressive structure. The advantage for the spectators will be a better view from all directions, a great atmosphere, and above all around one hundred more spectators’ places than before, the entry fees for the stands being the same as last year.

Record number of participants in Challenge Women
Last year, the Challenge Women run had its premiere as a new event in the surrounding program of DATEV Challenge Roth, and it was embraced enthusiastically. 600 women started the five-kilometer run in pink shirts on Saturday. In its second year, the event is again extremely popular: 1,100 registrations have already been received, and the organizers expect that up to 2,000 women are going to take part in the run on an amended course this year – wearing shirts with a new design they were able to vote on themselves.

Classical Duet at the Finish-Line Party
Well-known tenor Etienne van der Nest from South Africa will perform live at the Finish-Line Party in the Triathlon Stadium for the second time this year. This time he is going to duet with a renowned female singer (who has not yet been chosen). Together they will certainly create a solemn atmosphere full of thrill and emotions at the illuminated stadium.

Musically synchronized mega fireworks
Another premiere at DATEV Challenge Roth: For the first time there will be a musically synchronized fireworks display. Special software makes it possible to turn the individual pieces of music into a real work of art, with comets, light effects and new elements fired exactly in time with the music. So the spectators

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