Help for those who urgently need it

Help for those who urgently need it
15,000 € from Pre-Christmas Action passed on to Aid Organizations in Roth

ROTH. Just in time before Christmas, TEAMCHALLENGE CEO Alice Walchshöfer handed over two donations of 11,000 € and 4,000 €, the receipts of this year’s pre-Christmas action of DATEV Challenge Roth, to organizations from the county of Roth, which will use the money to help the children of asylum seekers. In this year’s pre-Christmas action, 300 athletes had been able to obtain tickets for the booked-up race on July 12, 2015, and each of them donated an extra 50 € for a good cause. The Diakonie Roth-Schwabach aid organization now received 4,000 €, which will be used to help the children of asylum seekers who have found temporary accommodation in the Bundeswehr military barracks of Roth.

“The people come here with high hopes”, said Jürgen Meier, chairman of the organization. Together with social counselor Sally Nicula, who takes care of the asylum seekers at the military barracks together with only one further colleague, Jürgen Meier explained that the situation there was often difficult and changed day by day. 270 new asylum seekers have just arrived, among them many children and adolescents, who in some cases had been travelling for as many as three weeks. Many of them are completely exhausted, traumatized and insecure. The money earned in the pre-Christmas action will now be used to provide a room for the children to play and draw, but also to learn German. “As we never know what people are going to come here and what they need most, the most useful thing is to donate money”, said Sally Nicula. This was also emphasized by Georg Küttinger, Richard Rosenfeldt and Annegret Thümmler of FUBE, an association which has recently been founded by citizens and – among many other activities – has launched a project called “Refugee Children”. TEAMCHALLENGE CEO Alice Walchshöfer was happy to give them a donation of 11,000 €. The association members explained that the donation would be used in various ways: For example, refugee children and young people are to be provided with sports clothes and equipment by local sports clubs. Furthermore, integration projects of sports clubs in the county of Roth will be supported. Another important project is the support of underage refugees who are not accompanied by their parents. Volunteers and specialized staff are still in the process of determining what kind of help these children need most. Finally, the donation will also be used to support a project called “Learning Companion”, so that volunteers will receive a small allowance for supporting refugee children at school. Georg Küttinger, Mayor of the community of Thalmässing said: “The children are very fast at learning German, because that’s what they want”. Alice Walchshöfer was especially happy to state that TEAMCHALLENGE would stay in contact with the aid organizations, so that help could be provided on a long-term basis. The representatives of the two organizations thanked Alice Walchshöfer for the donation on behalf of the children, and announced that they would keep TEAMCHALLENGE informed about the use of the money.

Alice Walchshöfer (3rd from left) was glad to hand the donations from this year’s pre-Christmas action
of DATEV Challenge Roth over to two organizations from the county of Roth, which take care of the children of asylum seekers. The donations were very much appreciated by (from left to right) Richard Rosenfeldt, Annegret Thümmler and Georg Küttinger (FUBE e.V.) as well as Jürgen Meier and Sally Nicula
(Diakonie Roth-Schwabach).

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