Good conversations over a nice glass of Erdinger beer

This year's top athletes of Datev Challenge Roth didn't mind at all, trading in their usual “work clothes” for traditional costumes like leather pants and “Dirndl” dresses at the “Erdinger Urweisse Hüttengaudi“ which was held at Roth's Festplatz area.
Picture: Christoph Raithel / TEAMCHALLENGE GmbH 

“Erdinger Urweisse Hüttengaudi” brings together pros and amateur athletes

Well, it can be argued if sneakers or flip flops really match well with traditional leather pants and “Dirndl” dresses. But Sebastian „Sebi“ Kienle, James Cunnama, Kaisa Sali, Daniela Sämmer and all the others hadn't come to argue on this Thursday afternoon at the “Erdinger Urweisse Hüttengaudi” event at the “Festplatz” area in Roth. However they did sport mentioned style mix between sportive “work gear” on their feet and stylish traditional costumes.

Rivalry? That can wait until Sunday. And then only on the race course.

With traditional Bavarian music playing in the background and fresh Erdinger nonalcoholic beer from the tap, all those who, come Sunday, will be trying to to defeat each other, were chatting away amicably. Chatting with each other and also with those, who will just watch the race as spectators or from the end of the field.

Many fans and amateur athletes took advantage of the easy-going atmosphere to take selfies with the top athletes of this years's field and to wish each other good luck for the dream of finishing at DATEV Challenge Roth 2018.


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