From the finish line to the registration line


From the finish line to the registration line
The run for the starter spots of 2017's race has begun


You would expect that a long-distance triathlet wants just one thing after a long hard day – sleep. You are so wrong! Just hours after the fireworks at the finish line of 2016's race, many have only one thing in mind: Secure their starting spot  for next year. The DATEV Challenge Roth 2017 will take place on July 9th.

Before the finishers attend the award ceremony at 11 o'clock, they have to keep going. The fast ones can secure their starting spot for 2017 right there and then.

TEAMCHALLENGE gives out 1000 single starter spots and 200 tickets for relay teams at the „Instant registration“ on the day after the race. It could be much more, the run for the tickets is huge. If you have once experienced the perfect conditions and the great atmosphere at the world's biggest and greatest long-distance race, you are going to come back for more.

And for that, you even accept camping out in front of the media tent half the night, despite aching muscles and a groggy body. The motto is: First come, first serve.

Norbert Manhart from Neufahrn near Freising is in „pole position“. The 6-time starter didn't even wait for the day of the registration but set up camp at 23:45 hrs on Sunday. Why do you do that to yourself? „Entering the stadium, those incomparable 60 seconds before you cross the finish line – that's worth all the suffering.“ He is probably right when he assumes: „That's something probably something that only the ones here in line behind me, every single one of them, can understand.“

Norbert Manhart did not have to wait alone for too long: Before midnight, Gabriela Pohankova from the Czech Republic and  Clara-Maria Bader from Nuremberg joined him. While the Czech experienced the DATEV Challenge Roth 2016 as a volunteer, Clara-Maria Bader finished second in her age group. Triathlon is a family affair for the Baders: Mum Hildegard has various starts in Roth, under her belt. The daughter started young, as a volunteer and now is an athlete herself. They have something special in mind for next year: Mother and daughter want to start together.

That goal is definitely worth spending a night in line waiting.

When the registration office finally opens, the end of the line is far, far in the back. Hundreds stand, lie and sitz there, hours before the registration is open. All the way across the town square and along the train tracks almost all the way to the point, where they hope to cross the finish line next year (again).

TEAMCHALLENGE hands out cards with numbers,so the ones in the back know if it's worth the wait. If not, there are two other chances for them to win a starter spot for 2017:

Online registration opens Juli 25th at 10AM and the last spots will be given away on December 6th at 12 o'clock on St. Nichlas Day.

Anyway: Today at 11AM it's about the Challenge Roth 2016 again: The top athletes and the age groupers gather at the huge tent for the big awards ceremony.


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