"Facelift" for the Challenge Bike Course

"Facelift" for the Challenge Bike Course
Three new sections added to two lap course for added safety
New hotspots in Heideck and Zell

The DATEV Challenge Roth bike course is receiving a ‘facelift’. On July 5, athletes and spectators will enjoy a new improved course in three areas, while retaining the two lap structure, following talks with the Roth police, fire department and other local authorities to ensure the best and safest course possible.

The first course change is at Heideck: At 16/100km, the course now goes straight to the Heideck roundabout where the new Heideck hotspot will be located - to the delight of Mayor Ralf Beyer and the fans there, who have been wanting this for a while. The loop over Seiboldsmühle is no longer required. The second change is at 61/149km, where the course will go from Eysölden via Zell to Unterrödel, avoiding two dangerous 90-degree turns at Tiefenbach. To ensure the course length remains at 180km, at 45/131km 10km has been added from Obermässing via Untermässing and Offenbau to Weinsfeld, from there as before to Eysölden. This is the course that was used at the first Roth triathlon events in the 1980s - but in reverse order.

New: Interactive hotspot in Zell
Another highlight of the improved cycle route: In Zell, which becomes part of the course at 61/149km, a new, interactive hotspot is being organized by the Regens Wagner Foundation. The residents of the facility, which brings people with and without disabilities together, will experience the racing action up close together with the residents of Zell and will be involved in various activities in the new hotspot.

Beneficial cooperation with the authorities
Challenge managing director, Felix Walchshöfer, said, “Many thanks to the Roth police for the important food for thought and to the authorities, especially the fire departments, for the great implementation, which makes the route even safer! It's great that we all pull together in Roth so that we can always achieve the best possible result for our athletes and spectators. ”

With the exception of the three new sections, the DATEV Challenge Roth bike course remains unchanged with the world-famous hot spots Solarer Berg, Kalvarienberg and many more. It continues as a two-lap course, each 90km, through the Roth district.

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