Donation from Pre-Christmas Action handed over to „Sternstunden“ Charity Organisation

Photo: Sternstunden e.V

Donation from Pre-Christmas Action handed over to „Sternstunden“ Charity Organisation
Euro 15,000 for Children in the County of Roth

During this year’s DATEV Challenge Roth Pre-Christmas Action Euro 15,000 were donated for charity. Alice and Kathrin Walchshöfer were now happy to hand over the donation cheque to Sabine Krombholz of the “Sternstunden” charity organisation at the Nuremberg Christmas market. 300 athletes had the chance to obtain a ticket for the sold-out race on July 17, 2016 at this year’s Pre-Christmas Action on December 6, and each of them donated an additional amount of Euro 50 for charity. The “Sternstunden” organisation will use the money to support children in need from the county of Roth. “Sternstunden” has already supported various institutions there, for example Regens-Wagner Foundation for people with hearing disorders in Hilpoltstein, Rummelsberger Dienste for people with disabilities in Hilpoltstein, as well as the support organization of the Special Needs Educational Center in Roth. During the donation hand-over, Alice Walchshöfer emphasized that it has always been very important for TEAMCHALLENGE to make sure that the money is used to support people in the county of Roth. “So many positive things happen in the county of Roth with regard to the DATEV Challenge Roth event. During the competition, our athletes can benefit from so much help and support by our volunteers, host families and fans, that they are glad to give something back.” On behalf of the children, Sabine Krombholz expressed her sincere thanks to the Challenge athletes for their generous support. She addressed all the donors and athletes and said: “It would be a better world if there were more people like you! You can be sure that all of your donations will be received by those who need them most.”


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