Dirndl dresses and traditional leather pants instead of functional shirts and bike outfits

Dirndl dresses and traditional leather pants instead of functional shirts and bike outfits
The “Erdinger Urweisse“-Party connects international sport and Franconian coziness

That’s how you are used to seeing them: In tight-fitting functional gear, compression socks and sun-protection-hats. There is little difference between Yvonne van Vlerken’s, Nils Frommhold’s or all the other athlete’s ”work outfits” – but they know how to change. Change a lot. The place where they prove that: The „Erdinger Urweisse Party” on Thursday afternoon. The atmosphere here was not professional-sportive but Franconian-cozy.

Long legs sculpted by long hours on the bike were now clad in traditional leather pants. Fit bodies now enfolded in traditional Dirndl dresses. That’s what there was to see at this yearly, laid-back, opening act for the triathlon days in Roth. Vlerken, Frommhold and the rest had dressed up according to the surrounding scene: traditional music groups and rustic log cabins

Especially the flying Dutchwoman got a lot of nice compliments from women who, come Sunday, will try to make life for her as hard as possible. Vlerken, with corkscrew curls and pink flowers, matching her pink and white Dirndl dress, was once again among the elite. This time style-wise.

In the midst of all this was the good-humored Fireman Rob, famous for racing in his 24kg heavy firefighter outfit. He seemed quite comfortable in his traditional leather pants and with the company at the party.

 By the way: The “Erdinger Urweisse Party“  is the place to be if you want to really meet the stars of the triathlon scene. Airs and graces? Not here! Top athletes like Timo Bracht and Laura Siddal were happy to chat or take selfies with the fans.

A Franconian-cozy kick-off among friends, with a cool, alcohol-free Erdinger beer in hand – that’s just another facet of the world of triathlon. The competitive facet will come out on Sunday – no doubt about that!


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