„DATEV Challenge Roth is better than biathlon in Ruhpolding“

When Birnbacher witnessed last year's atmosphere in Roth as a spectator, he was so fascinated, that he wanted to take part in the world's biggest triathlon. Even though, due to being a professional biathlete, he is not able to start in the single field, he is already excited about the unique scenery at the DATEV Challenge Roth, as he told us in an interview.

Andreas Binbacher (left) with DATEV Challenge Roth Speaker Tobias Ködel. Picture: Christoph Raithel, TEAMCHALLENGE

What is your impression of Roth so far? After all, you are used to crowds of spectators at the biathlon events.

Andi Birnbacher: It's pretty impressive and even bigger than what we had at the Worldcup in Ruhpolding!

Did you find a lot of time to train for your role in the relay team?

Andi Birnbacher: I didn't do a lot of extra training for this race, because I simply do not have the time. I used the special bike a couple of times, to get used to it. But I ride some 3000 to 3500 kilometers for my own training each summer. But most of our training is on the ski-skates.

What do you like about triathlon?

Andi Birnbacher: The complexity. We have just two disciplines, but here you have three. That takes a lot of skills and practice.

You finished your first triathlon at the Chiemsee. Do you think you will compete in more triathlons in the future?

Andi Birnbacher: Yeah, sure.I want to stay active after my professional career and triathlons would be a nice way to do that. But maybe with a little less training than in my biathlon days.

How ambitious are you about tomorrow's race? What time is your goal?

Andi Birnbacher: I should take it rather easy tomorrow because I have 40 races coming up in winter. So I can't go all out in summer. But once you are on the course you want to keep up and not let anybody pass you. So, yes, I will be motivated, but I won't overdo it. I'd like to finish in 4 h 30 min.

What are you looking forward to the most?

Andi Birnbacher: The atmosphere along the course and doing some charity work for the organisation „Herzkinder“.



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