Countdown with beer and beats

Best mood before the race - Countdown-Party Heideck.
Foto: Vicky Elsasser, TEAMCHALLENGE


The city of Heideck, together with BAYERN 3, is counting down the last hours before the race

When the last sun rays reach the market square in Heideck, BAYERN 3 DJ Jerry Stöttner gets on the turntables and provides the crowd with beats.

The city of Heideck, together with the voluntary fire brigade, has turned the market place into a party zone. Cold drinks and different food stalls create a great atmosphere. The music does the rest… 

When night falls over the square, Heideck’s first mayor, Ralf Beyer welcomes the crowd and thanks especially BAYERN 3. The radio station has been part of this party since it was first celebrated 4 years ago and has, ever since, created a great atmosphere on the night before the race.

After a break last year, there, there will be a fan hotspot in Heideck again. Commentator Jerry Gstötter brings the organizer Martin Meisinger out onto the stage to ask him, what awaits spectators and athletes tomorrow. There will be a „Red Bull Eventcar“ with a DJ who is going to provide some music, so that cheering for the athletes is even more fun.

 Race director Kathrin Walchshöfer-Helneder is happy about the situation: „It’s great that Heideck has a fan hotspot again!“ Especially since this year marks the 35th anniversary of triathlon in the county of Roth.

Timo Bracht represents the top athletes at the “Countdown Party” in Heideck. In the 90s he used to be a spectator and he still remembers the hill of Seligenstadt. In 2000 and 2001 he joined the race as an amateur and later many times as a pro. In 2004 he finished third, behind Chris McCormack and Faris Al-Sultan. In 2017 he retired as a professional athlete and has now returned to Roth as a spectator. He is very excited to see what is going to happen in and around Heideck during the race, because he knows how important the atmosphere is for the athletes.

After the interviews it is time for the long party night, which is hosted by Jerry Gstöttner and his BAYERN 3 colleague Sascha Seelemann.

Bayern 3 Countdown-Party- Sasha Sielemann warming up Heideck.
Picture: Vicky Elsasser, TEAMCHALLENGE


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