Carbs and entertainment



Carbs and entertainment
The „Bernbacher Pasta Party“ at DATEV Challenge Roth is far more than just a reasonable carb intake before the race.


Those who plan to swim for 3,8km, bike for 180km and then run a marathon, have to make sure, their body's energy depots are filled to the top. And a good way to accomplish that is: of course. pasta!

So on Friday night, pasta is on the menu in the big tent, which will receive the athletes after Sunday's race again to provide them with isotonic drinks and massages.

The „Bernbacher Nudelparty“ – this years's party was, for the first time, sponsored by the renowned producer of pasta and sauces Bernbacher – was about more than just reasonable food intake. It is a celebration of triathlon and its protagonists – no matter if they are top athletes or hobby athletes..

It is also about showing the first time guests at this endurance sports stronghold what it means, when a whole region gets behind the sport of triathlon. It is also about using this enthiusiasm to support those who are willing to go to their limits (and beyond) in Sunday's race.

It is an enthusiasm which motivates. That's what all the top athletes agree upon on the stage of the pasta party..

And this is another tradition in Roth: The top athletes  don't separate themselves, but mingle with the crowds at the pasta party.

Only one thing separates the top athletes, among them world record hunter Jan Frodeno, last year's winners Nils Frommhold and Yvonne van Vlerken and local hero Anja Beranek, from the rest: When they left the stage after an easy-going round of interviews, they not only get cake for dessert, but also the applause of thousands and countless requests for selfies – a treatment worthy of a pop star.

Scenes that are not uncommon in Roth: „Our enthusiasm has grown in the 30 years of triathlon“ said second mayor Hans Raithel, a long-time veteran among the race's referees, and explains thereby why the slogan „Fascination Triathlon“ must have been branded here..

The end? Far, far away. Of that, Ralf Jäger, who represented main sponsor DATEV  at the pasta party, is sure. „ It just keeps getting better, bigger and more exciting.“ DATEV, now for the fourth year the main sponsor, has completely fallen to the magic of Challenge Roth.

Hopefully, Sunday's race won't be too harsh on the athletes. However, the foundation for a good race has been laid at „Bernbacher Pasta Party“. And there was not only pasta: There were tasty sauces, healthy salads and, of course, the speciality „ Kaserschmarrn“ from Kaiserwinkel , which excited the athletes. For this Austrian food, half a dozen cooks had been busy all afternoon. 4000 guests at the pasta party enjoyed the rich choices offered at the buffet and entertainment-wise.


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