Big BAYERN 3 Anniversary Fan Special: Searching for the Challenge Superfan!

The BAYERN 3 radio station and Bernhard “Fleischi” Fleischmann, its icon presenter, have had a special idea for the 30th anniversary of triathlon in Roth: Among all fans, volunteers and spectators of DATEV Challenge Roth, Fleischi is going to search for the craziest fan (or group of fans) – the “Challenge Superfan”.

In order to find the best fan of all times, Fleischi is going to step it up: From the swim start to the finish-line, he will be on his way along the Challenge race course. He will visit all hotspots by motorbike, scooter, bike or on foot to see where he can find the craziest and most imaginative Challenge fans.

Of course, the fans are invited to draw Fleischi’s attention to themselves, using whatever means they can think of: They might paint their house as green as the BAYERN 3 logo, put on funny and eye-catching costumes, or try to attract Fleischi’s interest with the help of colorful wigs, banners, signs, singing or dancing, using drums and trumpets or whatever they like. At some point during the day he will turn up and take photos of the fan performances he likes best. Anything is permitted, with only one important restriction: The race must not be disturbed or impaired by the fan action at any time!

The "craziest" fan can look forward to a great trip: for five days at Challenge Forte Village Sardinia (October 26), including flights and half-board in the wonderful Forte Village. If the winner or his companion is active triathlete, even the participation of Challenge Forte Village is possible. Otherwise, the winner can just relax, enjoy the sea, beach, park and unique landscape and again cheer on the triathletes ....

The winner will be chosen by Fleischi in the evening during the Finish Line Party. From 5 p.m., tension will rise, because when Fleischi returns from the race course, he will come directly to the stage at the stadium and act as a presenter there, together with his colleague Bernd-Uwe Gutknecht. Needless to say that Fleischi will also talk about what he saw during the day, and maybe he will already give us an idea of who might be among his favourites!

In addition to this, the BAYERN 3 presenters will as usual be celebrating the best triathlon party in the world at the swim start, the Solar Hill, the Roth Market Square and at the Finishline party, together with the Challenge moderators. And on the radio program of BAYERN 3, the reporter cover the entire Challenge week around the clock.

Watch Fleischis Movie on Youtube.

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