BAYERN 3-Band turns up the heat

The BAYERN 3-Band keeps the party going at Roth's packed market square.
Foto: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel


BAYERN 3-Band turns up the heat
Party at the market square with Jan Frodeno and the whole „triathlon-family“


For eight years, the market square in Roth has filled up on Friday night before the race. The party hosted by media partner „Bayer 3“ is attended by athletes, guests and locals. This year is no different and Bayern 3 -sports announcer Bernd-Uwe Gutknecht faces a packed market square.

„It is always summer at the Challenge“ says a laughing Gutknecht and is happy to welcome the race directors Kathrin and Felix Walchshöfer to the stage.

The special thing about DATEV Challenge Roth, according to Felix Walchshöfer, are the thousands of volunteers in the district of Roth. „That's unique, there is at least one volunteer for every athlete.“ And DATEV Challenge Roth is an event for families, says Kathrin Walchshöfer. The big entertainment program and, of course, Sunday's race offer fun for everybody.

When announder Bernd-Uwe Gutknecht asked the race directors for three wishes for Sunday's race, Felix Walchshöfer said, that he really needed just one: That every athlete, volunteer and spectator gets home safe and sound on Sunday.

Triathlon in Roth, that means a lot of age-group-athletes, but it also means  top athletes and one of them, Jan Frodeno, joins Bernd-Uwe Gutkneckt on the stage. „This guy won all the titles there are to win, except one...“ The DATEV Challenge in Roth is an absolute highlight, the hill of Solar is legendary and known by athletes worldwide. Jan Frodeno wants to win the race and set a new record.

Simone Bayer and Marcel Wagner are not about records. „“Just to be part of the race“ is the motto for the two employees of media outlet Bayerischen Rundfunk (BR). Radio host Marcel Wagner was in 2015's race as a runner for the BAYERN 3-relay team and after crossing the finish line, he was just blown away: „That is like a drug!“ So no one was surprised when he enthusiastically announced a few day later that he would complete the whole race in 2016. Many grueling training session with  Susanne Buckenlei from Roth later, Wagner will be a rookie in Sunday's long-distance race. Marketing expert Simone Bayer already has a little more experience under her belt: she has already been in some long-distance events and many smaller races. In Roth, she was already volunteer, runner for a relay team and a photographer. Sunday's start will be a dream come true for her. Her motto: „Just enjoy it“.

„Totally rad!“ For Roth's mayor Ralph Edelhäußer, the BAYERN 3-Party at the market square is a highlight of Roth's fifth season. Host Bernd-Uwe Gutknecht explains that in Roth, the DATEV Challenge Roth is its own season, Ralph Edelhäußer turns into the mayor of athletes from 72 nations and the entire town is completely changed. BR-director Peter Hufe from Hilpoltstein is just as enthusiastic as the rest. He, too, has been a constant member  of Roth's „triathlon family“ for years. As „Homestay“ he is offering a place to stay for athletes from New Zealand and assures that DATEV Challenge Roth excites not only him, but everybody at the media outlet„Bayerischer Rundfunk“. Therefor it was possible to secure airtime in the TV-channel's morning show, midday show and in its sports program. And their radio station will braodcast, too.

Two families have found each other: Roth's „triathlon family“ and the „radio family“ of Bayern 3. So it is not surprising, that the BAYERN 3-Band feels right at home at Roth's market square and keeps the party going till late at night.


Triathlon world champion Jan Frodeno with BAYERN 3-Sports announcer Bernd-Uwe Gutknecht (f.l.t.r)
Foto: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel


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