Bambinis brave the rainy weather

Follow the frog!
Picture: TEAMCHALLENGE, Steffi Graff

Short course, lots of fun

It's a tradition, that the first athletic event during the “Challenge Weekend” is the “Bambini Race” for kids, which is held at the market square in Hilpoltstein. Even though, because of bad weather, there were fewer families present then in the past years, the little ones had a lot of fun during the short run up and down market street. With music pumping in the background, the kids warmed up and then, split up in two groups, they followed the “leading frog” Marius Schumann along the course. After the race, they received lovely wooden medals, which the kids from the kindergarten in Hilpoltstein had prepared for them. And of course they also received lots of applause from the spectators and high-fives from the leading frog!


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