At ten years old almost a grown-up

Gosh, has he grown! More than 700 starters participated in the „Junior Challenge“, DATEV Challenge Roth's little brother. They speeded through the waters of the town pool, raced along cordoned off streets in the northeast of Roth and finally ran through the scenic „Rothgrund“. „We are growing at a healthy and steady pace.“ states Jeannette Seifert, who, together with her husband Thomas, has organised the „Junior Challenge“ since day one.

„This way“. The good thing about swimming in the town pool is that it is almost impossible to get lost. Photo: Robert Gerner

Since „Junior Challenge“ always sounds like an event exclusively for kids, which it is not, it was rebranded. The overture for Saturday's „Junior Challenge“ is now called „Challenge for All“. The short distances (750 swim course, 20 km  bike course and 5 km running course) attracted many athletes.

… yet it is not alway easy to stay on track in the turmoil Photo: Robert Gerner

Every year, the relay teams put together by companys, which mark the end of the first day, are a special event. The fields was dominated by the green-and-white jerseys of the co-sponsor, the company Schlenk. Even the boss of the company Joachim von Schlenk changed his elegant suit for some sports gear.

So much for the rumour that the „Junior Challenge“ is a triathlon for kids only. It is not. It's a „Challenge for All“ Photo: Robert Gerner

The event was closely watched by its patrons for this year. Nicole and Lothar Leder not only fired the starting shots, but also gave the athletes important advice for the race. „With hot weather like this, they should stay well hydrated and at the supply points they should run some water over their neck and thighs. That cools the body from the outside.

Patrons? Godfathers? Godmothers? Whatever, Nicole and Lothar Leder are this year's ambassadors for the Junior Challenge and the Challenge for All. Photo: Robert Gerner


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