Advertorial: Make AG1 an essential part of your daily routine.

Make AG1 an essential part of your daily routine.

And make healthy routines a habit. The beauty of it is that you can always start.

We and the Athletic Greens team are looking forward to welcoming AG1 to Roth again this year! For all readers and participants, there are 10 practical AG1 Travel Packs free for the first order at athleticgreens.com/roth.


Athletic Greens likes to call nutrition the fourth discipline in triathlon - and not without reason. If it is balanced and rich in nutrients, it not only supports the energy level, but also the regeneration. Two topics that are particularly important for all those who have a high weekly training workload. This leads to an increased need for nutrients.

WHY is this so? Because sport puts a lot of strain on our bodies and is seen as stress by the organism. As soon as we engage in sporting activities, the body's performance increases. Metabolic processes such as a higher formation of free oxygen radicals, increased enzyme activity, and a greater loss of sweat. When we sweat, the body primarily loses water, but also electrolytes and smaller amounts of potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc. All substances that are also contained in AG1. While muscle building and weight training activate the mitochondria (the power plants of our cells that are responsible for energy supply), endurance sports place an increased strain on our cardiovascular system. It is therefore advantageous that AG1 also contains thiamine, which contributes to normal heart function.


We are in the middle of the preparation phase for the upcoming triathlon season, and the topic of nutrition plays a big role.

3 tips for your training camp diet:

  • In order not to put too much strain on the immune system, sufficient regeneration and a healthy diet are essential. Fresh, plant-based foods in particular contain micronutrients that are important for the immune system. AG1 also contains copper, folate, selenium, zinc and vitamins A, B12, B6 and C, which contribute to normal immune system function.
  • Plan meals wisely: you should not eat a large meal 2 hours before a session, gels are helpful during exercise and protein- and carbohydrate-rich meals are recommended after training.
  • Don't put too much strain on your digestive system during exercise. Although fibre is healthy: High-fibre snacks are not recommended during the session. A mix of easily digestible carbohydrates (simple sugars) + protein (amino acids) is more advisable.

By the way, AG1 will also be at the Zafiro Palace Alcudia in Mallorca in 2023. All those who are holding their preparation camp there are cordially invited to start their training day with AG1.

AG1 is a product that supports daily nutrition with 75 high-quality ingredients. Daily use is recommended to be ready for anything that everyday life brings. For many of you this will be 3-4 hours of endurance training, for others the exciting daily family routine including viruses from the nursery.

AG1: The Benefits

The AG1 formula is designed to support a variety of health areas. The ingredients are also formulated to be absorbed by the body in the best possible way to reach exactly where they are needed.

2 areas are

  • energy balance (copper, biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid, thiamine and vitamins B2 (riboflavin), B12, B6 and C contribute to normal energy metabolism).
  • and muscle recovery (copper, selenium and zinc and vitamins B2 and C help protect cells from oxidative stress).

Incidentally, AG1 is also recommended by the pros, including Laura Philipp and Sebastian Kienle.


"With AG1, I no longer have to worry about my micronutrient needs not being adequately met. Without the right 'building materials' (nutrients), our bodies cannot regenerate well and function every day. AG1 supports me in giving my body exactly these materials."

Laura Philipp



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