Advertorial: Interview with Sebastian Kienle

Interview with Sebastian Kienle
The 2018 Roth champion about supplements and regeneration


What supplements or supplement ingredients are important to you to optimally prepare your body for your training?

A pretty broad spectrum. Since we travel a lot to training camps and races nutrition often changes so therefore I love to get the basics right. I think its best if the micro nutrients come from a natural source I think it easier for the body to absorb.


What helps you with recovery (in general and also, do you put an emphasis on consuming certain foods which may support your recovery)?

The most important thing is to be healthy, if the body is constantly dealing with some sort of issues, the system will put the energy there, first. Then the biggest pillows are enough quality sleep and nutrition. If you got these two right you can start to take care about the details like taking in the right sort and amount of carbs & proteins after hard sessions. When to up the amount of anti oxidants (do you want to adapt of fully recover) trying to find out how other stressors like traveling etc impact your recovery.


How do you make sure, you are providing your body the right amount of nutrients when you are travelling?

Trying to avoid the traps that occur when you travel, often when I get stressed I start to crave for sugar. It’s good to have one of the small AG travel packs with me. I often just put a small amount in a lot of water and make sure I boost the water with some taste and nutrients, that way I also make sure I hydrate enough, the slightly sweet taste satisfies my cravings.


How and when do you consume Athletic Greens?

Usually in the mornings after breakfast.


Did you change your diet since COVID-19 and if so, how?

No, not really but because I spend more times indoors and less in training camps I often add some AG Vitamin D to my daily dose of AG.


What does an inspiring life mean to you?

I would love to inspire as many people as possible to be active. I’ve experienced a lot of great things via the sport. Of course not everybody can be a professional athlete but you don’t have to to be able to have the same sensations.


Favorite quote and how it applies to you?

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong I actually really love the comfort zone, but to fully appreciate it you have to get out of it every now and then.


Apart from all the training, what other positive habits do you swear by?

Napping. Reading a lot of non sport related stuff. Often you’re in some sort of a nutshell as a professional in sport, I think it is very important to keep your brain busy with other things than just sport… But of course I love to watch other people doing sport on TV.


What philosophy do you have around nutrition? Do you have any specific restrictions or beliefs around what you eat?

I’m neither a vegetarian, vegan nor a gluten-free athlete. I also don’t ban coffee, sweets or alcoholic beverages from my diet. But that does not mean that I don’t care about nutrition. The most important thing for me is a well balanced diet, high quality of the ingredients and that it is freshly prepared. At the end it is all about time: time to buy food, time to prepare food, and time to eat the food with your family or friends.


What do you look for when you’re choosing supplements?

I really believe that the body is able to absorb nutrients much better if they come in a natural context. As a professional I need them to be clean without anything that I don’t want to have in my body. Another thing is that I don’t like to take ten different pills. It needs to be easy and easy to maintain.


What do you love about Athletic Greens?

I don’t look at it as a supplement but as a food with a super high nutrient density. It’s all the good things that nature provides anyway but in a very tight package and easy to use. Since I travel a lot and spend a lot of days in hotels it is not always easy to maintain the same routine when it comes to diet.


What advice do you have for someone that is looking to get into Triathlon?

Don’t take it too serious and simply enjoy this amazing sport and the lifestyle that comes with it.


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