A Home Win with Ups and Downs

A Home Win with Ups and Downs
The sun is smiling for winners

Dreams come true at the DATEV Challenge Roth: The second placed winners in the men’s, as well as in the women’s field from last year – Andi Dreitz from Upper Franconia and the Lucy Charles-Barclay from Britain can stand a step higher on the winners platform and fulfill their dreams.

Photo: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel

Andreas Dreitz had said on Saturday during the bike check-in that the first Franconian was going to win the DATEV Challenge, and on Sunday he made his prophecy come true. He crossed the finish line here in Franconia in 7:59:02 as a very happy man. A dream became reality. Jesper Svensson and Cameron Wurf made places two and three of the Triathlon-Dream Factory.

It may have looked differently to the spectators lining the bike course – but Dreitz took over the top position of the race at kilometer 40 while biking and was in the lead during the entire marathon – he speaks of his performance as a mountain and valley win: “I went through a lot of ups and downs today. This win is absolutely incredible.”

The local matador was welcomed into the crowded Triathlon Stadium in Roth from the Walchshoefer family and his girlfriend, as well as thousands of fans. And: the sun finally came out and smiled down on Andreas Dreitz as he crossed the finish line. Andreas, who was obviously enjoying the rousing applause of the fans, the presentation ceremony and the obligatory champagne shower is still smiling.

Jesper Svensson was in the lead after the swim, but after 40 kilometers on the bike he had to give up his position and was in fourth place coming into the run. There he was able to work his way to the front, piece for piece and was actually faster than Dreitz at times. However, in the end he came in second after 8:02:20, a time that no one had considered. Third place went to Cameron Wurf who also made a prophecy come true on the run course: he wanted to show Roth that he could not only bike fast but also run fast this year – and he proved that. He was able to hold his position throughout the run and happily climbed the winner’s platform with a time of 8:04:08.

Lucy Charles-Barclay pretty much had a safe Start-Finish-Win in the women’s category. She had a huge lead coming out of the waters of the Main-Danube-Canal and kept it through to the finish line in the Triathlon Stadium in her hands. The 25-year old crossed the finish line, beaming and with a loud joyous scream under the frenetic jubilation, with a new personal best time of 8:31:09. First she expressed her gratitude to the public: “ I can’t thank you enough for your support. It is so important not to stop pushing yourself even if you’re in the lead. You have to give everything. And she got what she had wished for on Friday – to put more distance between herself and her competitors and to be in front.

The women’s platform was completed by Sarah Crowley (8:38:11) und Daniela Bleymehl (8:43:17).

Photo: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel

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