A good start for DATEV Challenge Roth

Running as a bonding event: Some 250 runners kicked-off the Datev Challenge Triathlon-Festival together at the „Nightrun“ from Hilpoltstein to Roth.


A good start for Datev Challenge
Happy and sporty kick-off for the triathlon festival at the „Nightrun“

That's a good way to send the Datev Challenge Roth on its way: Some 250 runners laced up their shoes to kick-off the 5 day triathlon festival at the „Nightrun“, which leads from Hilpoltstein to Roth, right into the „heart“ of DATEV Challenge Roth.

Some were more on the ambitious side, some took it rather easy: At the „Nightrun“, where no time is taken, anything goes and anything is encouraged. To run with like-minded athletes on a beautiful track, accompanied and organized by Hilpoltstein's La Carrera-Tri-Team, with views of the sunset – that is what makes this race a bonding event for everybody: The old, the you, locals and guests, hobby athletes and veterans.

Also the youngest athletes went all out, which became clear at the „Bambini-run“. After a successful first event last year, the kids started into this years run about an hour, before the Nightrunners“ took over Hilpoltstein's market square.

While the fastest athletes finished the run in just 45 minutes, the vast majority of the startes took it a lot easier. But as we already mentioned: Time is not the most important factor for the „Nightrunners“, but the shared fun is. And so the last words from many were: „See you next year...“. 


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