A feast for the triathlon family

Lots of pasta for thousands of athletes. It's “Carbo loading”-time at the Bernbacher Pasta Party.
Foto: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel


Tasty carbs for thousands of athletes

At the „Bernbacher Pasta Party“ the DATEV Challenge Roth kicked off the weekend of the race: On Friday night, 36 hours before Sunday's big race it is “Carbo Loading” time for the athletes, to make sure that come Sunday, their carbohydrate reserves are well filled and provide them with energy during the race.

After the buffet, which consists of several pasta dishes and a salad bar, is open and Roth's city orchestra provided the musical background, commentator Tobias Ködel and Roth's second mayor Hans Raithel get the party officially started.

Hans Raithel is not only Roth's second mayor, he has also been a race coordinator since the first days of the “Challenge” event and now he has brought his race coordinator colleagues onto the stage at Roth's “Triathlonpark” with him. “All the courses are ready, the water in the Canal is at 20 degrees and until the last moment, we will do everything we can to make sure, that you will have an unforgettable race on Sunday.” announces a happy Raithel. For him, sending the 22 starter groups into the race, is his personal hightlight each year.

Race director Felix Walchshöfer, together with his mother Alice and his sister Kathrin, is looking forward to a “wonderful triathlon festival” and he is proud to welcome athletes from 76 nations to the “triathlon county of Roth”.

While thousands of age groupers are still enjoying their pasta, the top pro athletes join commentator Tobias Ködel onstage to answer his questions.

The ladies, Yvonne van Vlerken, Laura Sidall and Daniela Sämmler, go first. „It is going to be a tough race on Sunday” says Yvonne van Vlerken, but she adds that she is going to give her best to win it. For Laura Sidall it is a big honor to start in this race in Roth. To her it is one of the best races in the world. Daniela Sämmler has big ambitions and is aiming not only for a personal record time, but also for a new German record time.

Sebastian Kienle and the other top starters are excited for Sunday's race.
Foto: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel

For 10 years he has been watching YouTube videos to prepare for Roth, jokes Sebastian Kienle, who is one of the top contenders for winning on Sunday. “This one is still missing” - he plans to change that on Sunday.

James Cunnama also considers the former “Hawaii-Champion” Kienle as his toughest competition: – „He is the man to watch!“ The race in Roth is very special for local hero Andreas Dreitz. The athlete from Franconia expects lots of family and friends along the course, who are going to give him extra motivation. Still he thinks the race will be a big challenge, but he plans to give it his all.

For years, the true culinary highlight of the “Bernbacher Pasta Party” has not been the big buffet, but the enormous pan filled with the flour-based dessert “Kaiserschmarrn”, which is a traditional dessert from Kaiserwinkl in Tyrol. The tasty dessert is eaten with apple sauce or roasted plums. This year, the team of Challenge Walchsee has brought a special surprise with them: The team hands out 1000 lots to the guests. The lucky winner gets picked by race director of Challenge Walchsee, Ilona Klinger. The winner she picks is Nina from Hesse, who has come to DATEV Challenge Roth as support and now will leave it with a starting sport at Challenge Walchsee.


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