A big thank you


A big thank you
With the „Volunteer Party“ TeamChallenge and the top athletes pay their respect to the effort of the 6000 volunteers


„You are the reason why this race is a worldwide legend. A huge thank you for your support! It is incredible what you do here!“ This praise for the 6000 volunteers, who put in work at the DATEV Challenge Roth, was spoken at the traditional volunteer party on the first day after the race by someone who had to know: 

Jan Frodeno, who set an new world record with his finish the day before, bowed verbally to the many helping hands, who made the race in this form possible.

This point was also picked up by race director Felix Walchshöfer, when he took the stage – right in the tent where the day before hundreds of volunteers were busy taking care of the finishers.

Walchshöfer gives a short retrospect of the race's history, which has existed as „Challenge“ for 15 years and therefore has lasted longer than the „Ironman-Era“ in Roth.

„Very few outside of Roth ever believed that we would be capable if this. Many said that triathlon in Roth was dead. But thanks to you, the volunteers, thanks to your loyalty, today this race is the biggest and greatest of its kind.  Because we could count on you, the volunteers, all these years!“ tells Walchshöfer the guests in the packed tent.

That night, the volunteers, enjoyed switched roles: That night, they were the ones being catered for.

And they had the unique chance to get really close to the top athletes  - the stars of DATEV Challenge Roth 2016, among them winner Jan Frodeno, and Daniela Rys, who placed first in the women's field, patiently wrote autographs and posed for pictures with their fans.

Fans, of whom most will be present along the courses between channel and finish line  next year, too.  


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