Registration for 2023

DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep 2023 will take place on June 25th. We are pleased that we can keep the entry fees constant, despite increased costs thanks to additional hygiene and safety measures.

Registration takes place in different waves:  

  • Athletes from the county of Roth (April 4th - April 10th)

    The very first starting slots will be awarded to athletes from the district of Roth. With this we want to reward local athletes for their long-term loyalty and give them a guaranteed slot. In the week from April 4th to April 10th, 2022, interested athletes from the district can contact us by e-mail by presenting a copy of their ID. The place of residence of the athletes must be in the district of Roth, in relays this applies to all three participants. After contacting us, we will check and if your start is approved you will receive a registration code the following week.

  • Donors from the Corona postponement (April 4th - April 6th)

    All donors who supported DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep with a donation of more than 100 euros after the Corona cancellation in 2020 will receive the right to register in advance for two starts within ten years as a thank you. Shortly before April 4th, the donors will automatically receive an e-mail with the exact information.  

  • On-site registration (July 4th) open to all

    As things stand today, we are again planning a registration immediately the day after the race. From 9.30 a.m. on July 4th there will be the opportunity to register for DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep 2023. Athletes can register there according to the motto "First come, first serve". The number of individual and relay starting places is limited. Each athlete can purchase a slot (for themselves or another person). Due to the enormous popularity in recent years, however, we cannot guarantee that everyone will get a starting place. We ask for your understanding for this.  

  • Online registration (July 11) open to all

    On Monday, July 11, 2022, we will open the online registration at 10.00 a.m. CEST. The slots will be allocated there in the order in which they were registered. We will only carry out a pre-registration in which only name, surname, date of birth, nationality and e-mail address will be requested. Every athlete who has successfully pre-registered will receive a confirmation email with their personal registration code within 24 hours. With this code the registration can be completed. Registration must be done within a week!  

  • Pre Christmas Action (December 6) open to all

    As part of our traditional Pre Christmas Action, we will probably open the registration lists again on December 6th at exactly 12:00 p.m. CET in order to allocate the very last remaining tickets. The campaign works according to the same principle as the online registration on July 11th, but with one difference. The athletes are supporting a good cause with their ticket purchase: 50 euros per ticket go to people who urgently need the money.

  • Entry Protection Plan

    Athletes who booked the Entry Protection Plan for 2022 who cancel for the race will receive an online registration code for DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep 2023 within a week after your cancellation with the Entry Protection Plan. With this code you have to register for 2023 within three days .

    Due to the corona pandemic, there may be short-term changes.

    Further information can be found in the section important downloads from time to time.

    Entry fee: EUR 599.00 per individual start if you register and pay by October 31, 2022, then EUR 649.00 per individual start incl. EUR 50.00 charity at our Pre Christmas campaign on December 6th, 2022. EUR 725.00 per relay.


We strongly recommend to book the Entry Protection Plan so you don't take any risk.
More information about the Entry Protection Plan.


If you have an entry code voucher for DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep 2023, you can register here:
Click here to register with an entry code for DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep 2023

Cancel or edit your application for 2022

If you have an entry code voucher for DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep 2022, you can register here:
Click here to register with an entry code for DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep 2022


The following applies to the cancellation of your DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep 2022 entry:
If you cancel your entry before 31 March 2022, the entry fee will be reimbursed minus a processing fee of 90 euros.

The cancellation must be done online and no reasons are required.
Click here to cancel your DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep 2022 registration


If you have booked the Entry Protection Plan, you can cancel up to one day before the race (July 2, 2022).
>>>More information about the no-risk package.