Your feedback always helps us

Our goal is to become better and better. This is only possible with your help. Also in 2023 there will be a survey for all participants after the race, which we will send by mail after the race. As every year, we hope that many athletes will participate. This feedback is extremely valuable and moves the event forward. And of course there will be a raffle for a starting place among all participants of the survey.

You can be sure that your ideas will be heard. To give you an impression of how much we take your feedback to heart, below you will find some examples of measures for DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep 2023 based on last year's survey.


News 2023 based on the athlete survey 2022:


  • A majority of you will get an extra boost of motivation from a strong pro field

o We are looking forward to the best starting field ever this year


- You requested a different time for the race briefing because you don't want to drive through the county twice and stand in the blazing sun

o This year the race briefing will take place on Saturday morning. You can find the exact times in our event guide.


- Request for saving distance the day before the race

o The race briefing will take place before the bike check-in, so you don't have to drive back and forth between the transition area and the triathlon park several times. In addition, you can ask final questions about the bike check-in at the race briefing.


- Request for an online race briefing

o Information from our responsible race director Andrea comes already digitally in the run-up (however, it is only to be seen as a supplement to the race briefing)


- Drafting should be better controlled

o We would like to have more competition judges on the track this year, despite the reduction of motorcycles, so that slipstreaming is better controlled


- Desire for ease of communication with family members after the race.     

o After the finish, we will offer you a Meet & Kiss Zone to meet your loved ones. You will find it just before you enter the after-race area. Your loved ones can stand there by our 1 meter high fences, congratulate you and share stories with you.


- The majority of the participants wished to return to the Pasta Party

o The Pasta Party will be held on Friday, June 23 at 6pm. If you still want to buy tickets for your relatives, please go to your portal of mika:timing and order more tickets.


- Avoiding sparklers at the Finishline party is supported by 75%.

o In the spirit of sustainability we will not hand out sparklers this year. At the same time we promise you again an emotional and unforgettable Finishline party.


  • More coffee huts/ drink stations amongst the expo so you don't have to head over the bridge.")

o We will build a new small beer garden at the entrance of the triathlon expo and spread small food stalls around the area


- More sun protection in the beer garden

o Thanks to our partner DATEV, there will be 300 new sunshades in the beer garden for you to enjoy


- "A central post at the entrance with 4 arrows would simplify life as a first-time visitor: so here towards the food court, this way to the stadium, here to registration, fair part1, fair part2"

o New signage at the triathlon park with much improved wayfinding is already in production


- "I think I would put on a casual " line with its own brand, which is not as gaudy as the previous design even in everyday life (compare Ryzon ). Grad, because I understood the intention to want to bring in through merchandising the money that would otherwise come in through the increase in st art fees. Another category "Everyday wear" would be great.

o We will continue to implement this wish in future years. All current models can be found in our online shop.


- 93% watched the video updates with Felix and 97% of them rated them as good or very good.

o That's why we continue with these videos :-)


- Poster was not used by more than 2/3

o For reasons of sustainability, we will not put the posters in the starter bag. However, event posters will be available at our information desk for those who still wish to have them free of charge.


- Relays wish transition in WZ1

o A transition would have to be at least 3.50m for safety reasons. Unfortunately, such a construction is not feasible at the swim start. Instead, we try it with a new signage and shifting of the course crossing.


- To find information easier and to present it more clearly

o This is constantly our goal. We are currently in the process of rebuilding our website. We are also currently planning to have an extensive Q&A on the website and provide you with relevant information in our digital start bag


- Desire to cool down while running

o Especially in hot weather, this is of course a legitimate wish. We are happy to hand out crushed ice for the first time at the aid station at the Lände. This point will be passed three times during the marathon.


- General implementation of accessibility

o That’s an important ongoing process; we will also implement some things in the coming years. This year, for example, we will have special wheelchair spaces in the stadium


- "The laser show was insane !!And the run-in in the last hour is priceless...."

o Such feedback makes us happy. This year, in the spirit of sustainability, we will completely dispense with the high fireworks. You can look forward to a breathtaking laser show.


Thank you to everyone who participates in the survey every year!

Of course, you can always let us know about improvements and suggestions outside of the athlete survey via service@challenge-roth.de.


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