Swimming for a good cause

TEAMCHALLENGEGmbH and the Roth Public Utility Company had invited swimmers to do as many lengths as possible at the Roth outdoor swimming pool between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. For each distance of 100 meters that was covered, an amount of € 0.50 was donated to charity. In the end, about 280 individual and team participants had swum exactly 472.8 kilometers. And the sponsors even donated some more money in order to round up the amount. Schlenk AG and Sparkasse Mittelfranken Süd each donated € 1,000.-, and the Roth Public Utility Company gave € 500.-. In addition, the band “Prima Ohne Donna” of singer Doris Kessel passed round a hat among the spectators, and collected another € 64.60.

The total amount of € 2,564.60 will now be handed over to DKMS by the Roth Rotary Club. “It’s great to see that we can achieve something together in Roth. Sports unites people”, said Kathrin Walchshöfer, CEO of TEAMCHALLENGE GmbH.

The team that swam the most was the Festival Ground Team, who reached 500 lengths. So they proved that they cannot only mobilize all their energy at the Triathlon Park. Among the individual participants, Melanie Rock reached first place (274 lengths). The winner of the children’s ranking was Sandra Rock (84 lengths).

VIPs from business, schools and politics – among them the Mayor of Roth, Ralph Edelhäußer, as well as Deputy Mayor and Race Manager for the swim course, Hans Raithel, achieved 210 lengths altogether. € 2,564.60 will now be donated to “Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei” (DKMS – German Bone Marrow Donor Center).


photo: Tobias Tschapka
In the picture from left on:
Stefanie Mehringer (vicarious manager Sparkasse Roth), Ralph Möllenkamp (current president Rotary-Club Roth),
Ingrid Feuerstein (plant manager municipal utilities), Daniela von Schlenk (firm Carl Schlenk AG),
Kathrin Walchshöfer (manageress TeamChallenge), Uschi Maurer (municipal utilities).


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