Race of the Year - for the 10th time in a row

Award for Best Race goes back to the Home of Triathlon

Even in extraordinary times, triathlon in the Roth region is in a class of its own. DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep was awarded Best Long Distance Race for the 10th time in a row at the “Sailfish Night of the Year” in Langen near Frankfurt.

In 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, readers of Triathlon Magazine, Europe's leading triathlon magazine, voted again for the triathlon dream factory. In 2020, the event and the race awards were paused due to COVID.

Race director, Felix Walchshöfer, who attended the event remotely from his home due to the current pandemic, emphasised the solidarity in the Roth region which made the event and the award possible in the first place.

“Receiving the award 10 times in a row means a huge amount to us. We, my mother, my sister and the entire team, are just incredibly grateful. This year in particular the event was only possible thanks to the incredible support of our extraordinary volunteers, the police, and support from the likes of the fire brigade, BRK, the water rescue service as well as THW and the local authorities, who all pulled together with us. Thanks also to our partners, all supporters from the cities and municipalities in the Roth region and, last but not least, to all the athletes who followed the COVID measures so well and for the loyalty they show us. This award is for all these people."


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