It’s a tight squeeze on the Solarer Berg

It’s a tight squeeze on the Solarer Berg
The top seven ride over the mountain of Triathlon mountains together

The race on Sunday is a good two and a half hours old, as the top athletes start riding back towards Hilpoltstein. The Beer Mile in Eckersmuehlen is already long gone, Selingstaedter Mountain is too, as well as the ride through Thalmaessing. The steepest and largest mountain, the Kalvarien Mountain in Greding has also been conquered. And as soon as they reach the Kraenzleins Mountain at the entrance to Hilpoltstein, it’s there! You can hear them from afar, the first spectators are ready and waiting right before the last curve. Turn once more and go through it – the fans stand in rows approximately a kilometer long at the edge of the road to cheer the athletes along. “If there is a Triathlon Heaven”, as Timo Bracht said the day before, then the Solarer Mountain would put us all in “seventh heaven”! The atmosphere is indescribable. – ten thousand people line the route. At the top of the mountain the road gets extremely tight, which makes the arrival of the top group of seven athletes together really exciting. Nils Frommhold goes up first, followed by Timo Bracht, who is saying goodbye to professional sports today. Directly behind them, Terenzo Bozzone, Peer Bittner and Maurice Clavel.

BAYERN 3 DJ, Tom Glas, provides the right beats as the Triathlon-Party-Family celebrates the top starters and age groupers. BAYERN 3 host, Andre Siems, Hilpoltstein’s mayor, Markus Mahl and the triathlete, Siggi Tretbar from Hilpoltstein give current information about the race. A good 15-minutes later the first women have reached the mountain of all mountains. The Swiss athlete, Daniela Ryf climbed the Solarer Mountain first. She aims to break the standing world best time set by Chrissie Wellington. Six minutes later Heather Wurtele has passed the Hot-Spot of the Triathlon world, followed by Laura Siddal of Great Britian.

Then the rest of the athletes, lined up like pearls on a string, each and every one of them will be carried up, from the first to the last!

Great Atmosphere, the Solarer Mountain is the mountain of mountains in Triathlon sport.  
Photo: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel

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