"Helping the family is a matter close to our hearts"

The “Roth Champions for Fabi” campaign raises 15,000 euros / all proceeds go to Fabi's daughter

In a time of great sadness there is also a moving sign of athlete support in the Roth region. The “Roth Champions for Fabi” campaign raised a total of 15,000 euros to support Fabian Harrer, who had terminal cancer. Recently, however, his health deteriorated rapidly despite treatment. At the end of October, the 28-year-old father sadly lost his battle against cancer. In order to support his family during this difficult time, TEAMCHALLENGE will, after consulting with the professional athletes, donate the entire proceeds of the campaign to Fabi's daughter.

Compassion for family and friends

“Our condolences go to Fabi's family, relatives and friends, who have done so much for him and to whom we wish infinite strength for the time to come. The news that Fabi lost the fight against cancer hit us very hard, ”said Kathrin Walchshöfer-Helneder from TEAMCHALLENGE. “With the proceeds from the ‘Roth Champions for Fabi' campaign, we would like to support the relatives as best we can. For us this is a matter close to our hearts. We have been in constant contact with Fabi's friends and will transfer the funds raised to a savings account for Fabi's daughter. This was also the wishes of the pro athletes, who we of course consulted."

The charity auctions generated a total of 12,544.93 euros. As promised TEAMCHALLENGE has rounded up the amount up to an impressive sum of 15,000 euros. The original 2019 Hawaii bike from Sebi Kienle, a training day with Patrick Lange, a signed competition helmet from Anne Haug and a race suit from Andi Dreitz were auctioned in four simultaneous online auctions.

Thanks to everyone involved

“I would like to thank everyone who supported the auctions for Fabi and expressed their support with numerous bids. Special thanks go to Sebi, Anne, Andi and Patrick, who immediately agreed to participate and made their personal equipment available for Fabi. "

The four auctions ran simultaneously from 22 October 2021 and ran for ten days. A total of over 200 bids were submitted for the four items, mostly from Germany and Europe.

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