Franconian festivity and athletic awesomeness

Only two days to go to the big race. To stop training before the DATEV Challenge Roth doesn't mean to stop thinking about it. There it comes in handy, that the city of Roth provided a fun-filled programme on Friday afternoon that takes the mind of the race and offers Franconian festivity and athletic awesomeness..

The costumes of the dancing group „Rother Prinzengarde“ were a sight and their performance rocked the crowd.

At the „Lake stage“ in the middle of the „Triathlon Park“, between the „Tri-Expo-Fair“, with its athletic innovations, and the „Finisher-Stadium“, which was prepared to offer a perfect finish line scenario on Sunday, the sport of triathlon takes a back seat for an hour and a half. That is because the city of Roth is not only a triathlon hot spot, but has so much more to offer.

The mayor of Roth, Ralph Edelhaeusser himself outlined what the city has to offer besides „swimming-biking-running“. He cheerfully took over the duties of the announcer to take the crowd on an optical and acoustic journey through the world of entertainment and the traditions of the city of Roth.

Three squads from the local fire departments of Unterheckenhofen, Pfaffenhofen and Rothaurach waved their flags to salute their peers, „the „Firefighters“. A group of drummers, „Afro-Arabica“, fired up the crowed before the boys and girls of the kindergarten in Eckersmuehlen took the stage and the hearts of the spectators.

An interview with this year's race director Kathrin Walchshoefer and local hero Conrad Fabian led back towards more athletic subjects. Because next up were the dancers of the Carnival Club of Roth, whose performance was not only lovely but also acrobatic.

Race director Kathrin Walchshoefer and the mayor of Roth, Ralph Edelhaeusser, were happy to answer questions at the „Lake Stage“

The follwoing show act was acrobatic, too. But also cheeky, spirited and funny: Florian, Tobias and Veronika, from the show-trio „Boogie-Woogie-Gang Roth“ shook a leg and heated up the atmosphere even further (despite the temperatures).

The athletes in Sunday's race will probably have to face even higher temperatures. But in the two hours before the „Pasta Party“, the city of Roth, in its hosting role, was able to take their minds of the challenges ahead.

Veronika and Tobias shook a leg on the „Lake Stage“.


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