Collins Cup at the DATEV Challenge Roth 2018

Collins Cup at the DATEV Challenge Roth 2018
This is something that the triathlon world has never seen before!

On 1st of July 2018 there will be the first Collins Cup at the DATEV Challenge Roth. This was announced by Professional Triathlets Organisation PTO, Challenge Family and DATEV Challenge Roth at a joint press conference at the “Augustinum” in Roth on Friday.

At the podium there were the president of Professional Triathletes Organisation, Charles Adamo, team mangers Lisa Bentley and Chrissie Wellington, CEO of DATEV Challenge Roth Felix Walchshöfer, Olympic champion Simon Whitfield, and the head of Challenge-Family, Zibi Szlufcik.

At the Collins Cup, not only will the best professional athletes compete against each other in teams, the Cup is also meant as a bridge between generations of athletes: Old heroes meet talented rookies.

Three teams of triathletes, twelve races, one winner. That’s the idea of the Collins Cup, which was modeled after golf’s Ryders Cup.

That adds another, very special highlight to next year‘s race for DATEV Challenge Roth. But it also is a challenge for the organizers. The challenge consists in integrating a new race with its own set of rules into the already existing race.

The race will start at midday when the course is filled with age-groupers and the famed crowds of spectators are already warmed up. It will be held at the same course with slight variations and shorter distances. The teams, consisting of twelve athletes each, will face off in twelve races. There is going to be one representative of each team in each race and they have to collect score points.

There will be the teams USA, Europe and International, which will be led by superstars of the sport: Dave Scott and Karen Smyers are the captains of Team USA, Chrissie Wellington and Norman Stadler are going to lead Team Europe and Simon Whitfield, Lisa Bentley, Craig Alexander and Erin Baker are the core of Team International.  The rest of the spots will be made up of athletes who, according to a set of rules, have to qualify.

It is no coincidence that this premiere takes place in Roth: Where but at the favorite race of the worldwide triathlon family with its 260.000 spectators that carry the athletes along the course? Where thousands of volunteers do their best to turn the cruel race into something fun! Where the bar for triathlon events was raised annually for the past 30 years! Where else could the Collins Cup, that is to be held at a different location each year, have its premiere?

According to all the pros, „there is no better place“! They hope that the Collins Cup will help the sport of triathlon to find an even wider audience and get even more people excited.


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