A night outdoors for a secure starting place

A night outdoors for a secure starting place
Immediate application process for theDATEV Challenge 2018

Repeat offenders, spontaneous, daring others and those wanting to fulfill a wish. These, are the types of people you meet, the morning after the Finish Line Party in the waiting line for the immediate application process for the DATEV Challenge on July 1, 2018. Registration began at 9:30 a.m.

Patience is required if one wants to secure a spot at this time for next years race and their efforts shall be rewarded. Of course, the waiting line grew quite long overnight, crossing the festival grounds and lining up along the Gredlbahn. However, even those who got in line an hour before registration opened were happy to receive a voucher enabling them to register. At 8:45 a.m. volunteers still had 450 single vouchers and 70 relay team vouchers in their hands. But most of them didn’t want to take any chances and spent the entire night in front of the stadium.

The very first in line didn’t even dare go to the finish line party in the stadium. “We’ve been here since 10 p.m.”, explained Johanna from Bamberg and a couple from Rheinberg. Monique and Burkhard are “bound in love” by the DATEV Challenge in Roth. Two years ago they said “yes” to one another at the Challenge and next year they wish to start as a team on their anniversary!

At 3 a.m. there is a group of strangers, each with his own story, that the night brought together. René from Berlin, who is giving himself the start as a present for his 40th birthday. Coco from Ismaning, who wishes to start alone rather than in a team. Claudia from Vienna, who just wants to start a second time, Steffi from Karlsruhe, who wants to start in a team and Uwe from Bad Hersfeld, who has already started twice in the past and is just happy that he can start again.

Iris from Neuwied, decided spontaneously to secure a relay spot. She actually came to Roth as a guest to a wedding, and was so enthusiastic about what she saw and experienced that she created a family project overnight. She asked her daughter if she would do the swim and her son still knows nothing of his good fortune, that he gets to run a marathon on July 1, 2018, after his mother had done the 180 km on bike. “He has never done anything like that, but he’s got an entire year to train.”


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