„The work is done!“

Thanks to the „HIP Lounge“ with Bayern 3 host Bernd-Uwe Gutknecht there are not only racing bikes on display, but also information from pro athletes, orangizers and very special starters.

Last year's winner Dirk Bockel has no doubt: „the work is done, now it is all about making no mistakes!“ Last year he had come to „drop a bomb“ - as we all know, he succeeded. But today no one can know whether he will finish first again. That's partly because of an incredibly strong field of starters, as Julia Gajer confirms. She is happy to compete with the best here in Roth. „That way you have a direct comparison.“There is no triathlon like the one here. „Enjoy the race“ is the pro's advise for the rookies.

Even though the spectators will carry the athletes on a wave of enthusiasm, the heat will take its toll on the athletes, knows Markus Fachbach. „It's better to drink a little more than too little!“ is his advise for the race day. Last year's fourth placed checked in his bike much earlier than many of the other athletes – clear the head, lay back and and relax a little before the big day.

Besides the mayor of Roth, he may be considered triathlon mayor number two: Markus Mahl of Hilpoltstein. HIP-Lounge, swim start and Solarer Hill, all the hot spots are in his town

Like last year, we, together with BAYERN 3 host André Siems , will get the 30.000 fans at the Solarer Hill all hyped up. Despite their tunnel vision, the athletes will notice.

For reigning world champion Mirinda Carfrae it is the first time in Roth, but even she has heard of „La Ola del Solar“. „I have seen no other race like this; so many fans, so much support, so much enthusiasm!“

One person, who is usually the race director, has fulfilled a long-cherished dream this year:
TEAMCHALLENGE CEO Felix Walchshöfer joins the race with the number 2105 and he too had to check in his bike and finish his last preparations on Saturday afternoon. A watch is not to be found among his equipment. „I don't care about time tomorrow. I want to meet helpers, see spectators and just see what comes my way.“

Yvonne van Vlerken, hopes that tomorrow's race will be a home game for her, too. The Dutchwoman at least hopes for a little homecourt advantage, after winning in 2007 and 2008. She throws out a challenge: „I want to be number 1!“

BAYERN 3 host Bernd-Uwe Gutknecht interviewing Yvonne van Vlerken and her partner Per Bittner
TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel

« „DATEV Challenge Roth is better than biathlon in Ruhpolding“ Praying, you can't go wrong there! »