„That's just water cooling from above”


Together towards the finish line - the NightRun is all about having a good time.
Picture: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel

Despite the rain, some 200 happy runners took to the “NightRun”

„Water cooling from above” That's how one of the circa 200 runners, who braved the rain and took their positions at the start of the “NightRun” at Hilpoltsteins market square, described the thick gray rain clouds which were hanging in the night sky.

This optimistic attitude was rewarded: just 15 minutes after the start of the race, the athletes only got wet when they stepped into one of the puddles which covered the scenic running course, which leads towards the Finish Line Stadium in Roth.

Review of the earlier part of the night, which belonged to the youngest athletes:

“Walking on sunshine“ boomed from the speakers at the market square in Hilpoltstein – despite the bad weather. Two hours before the NightRunners take the course, 60 kids participate in the “Bambini Run” which leads through the heart of the town.

200 running aficionados skip their usual training and take to the 11k course of the NightRun.

Before the starting signal, commentator Tobias Ködel and Hilpoltstein's first mayor Markus Mahl provide all the information concerning the big triathlon weekend.

The highlights in Hilpoltstein are obvious: open air party on Friday, Bike Check-In and HIP-Lounge on Saturday and then, on Sunday, the start of the swimming course and the hill of Solar. There, Markus Mahl will be present again.

For the 11th time he will be the voice of the hill of Solar. Together with the broadcasting team of BAYERN 3, he will provide the latest information from the race and about the athletes, who are fighting their way up the legendary hill.

Also TEAMCHALLENGE Co-director Kathrin Walchshöfer-Helneder has made her way to the start of the NightRun in Hilpoltstein. She expressed her gratefulness towards Jutta Quiring, from the “Office of Culture and Tourism” at the City of Hilpoltstein, who sets up the NightRun together with her colleagues and the sports team “La Carrera TriTeam”, headed by Matthias Seitz, every year.

Then it is race time! Together with the spectators, commentator Moderator Tobias Ködel gives the countdown and the athletes start their way down Market Street towards Triathlon Park Roth. This way leads them away from busy roads, through fields, woods and pastures towards the heart of DATEV Challenge – the finish area in Roth.

And there TEAMCHALLENGE is waiting for the athletes, providing them with snacks and isotonic drinks to fill up their carb reserves, while having some relaxed chats. That's part of the NightRun. Just as the fact, that this run is not really a competition. Everyone takes his own time.

For the fans of statistics: The fastest one, a Canadian, finished after just 41 minutes.

But also the athletes who finish after more than an hour are greeted just as enthusiastically.


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