Sensation in Roth: Jan Frodeno breaks world record



Sensation in Roth: Jan Frodeno breaks world record
The five-year old record held by Andreas Raelert has been undercut by six minutes

The nicest present that the DATEV Challenge Roth could get for its 15th birthday was brought by the winner himself. Jan Frodeno set a sensational new world record at the long distant classic in the triathlon heartland of Roth. With a time of 7:35:39 hours, the world champion undercut Andreas Raelerts record set on the same long distant course, of 3,8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42,195 marathon five years ago by almost six minutes.

Frodeno announced six months ago that he would start in Roth in order to attack Raelerts record. And when a man in this class makes such an announcement, “then he should do everything possible to make it happen”, said Jan Frodeno, overjoyed, at the finish line.The Olympic winner from 2008 prepared himself meticulously for that race on the short distance. At the start he met up with not only the largest field in the triathlon circus, but also optimal weather conditions: a slightly cloudy sky, warm temperatures and practically no wind.

The top favorite got going on his start to finish win. It was a race against the clock, but it wasn’t a solitary race. Over a hundred thousand fans watched the impressive solo of this top favorite athlete, who in the end not only held a new world record in his hands, but also broke an unspoken law in the series. No athlete had ever won in Hawaii to continue on to win Roth!  Frodeno was in a class by himself during the swim and during the bike race he didn’t let any rivals within visual range, in spite of a small mishap that landed him in a ditch during the second round. “But that probably took more time due to the adrenaline push, than what the fall took”, said Frodeno afterwards.

He didn’t have much to say during the race, even more he experienced many “ups and downs” on the last part of the marathon course. Though in the end the “ups” got the upperhand and a stunned winner confessed in his first interview at the finish line, “Now I understand why this the biggest race of all!”

Just how outstanding Frodeno was, proves his advance on the competition. The surprisingly second placed, Joe Skipper (Great Britain, 7:56:23 hours) came in 20 minutes after the winner! Defending champion, Nils Frommhold earned third place, also breaking the Eight-Hour-Mark just barely with a time of 7:57:49 hours.


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