Big time carb-loading at the „Bernbacher Pasta-Party“

Big time carb-loading at the „Bernbacher Pasta-Party“

Friends and families of triathletes know that during hard training phases they are permanently hungry– very hungry.

And they are known for eating all the pasta they can get in the days leading up to a race. Carb-loading, the filling of the body’s carb reserves is an essential part of their preparation for many athletes. At the „Bernbach Pasta-Party“ at DATEV Challenge Roth they have the chance to do just that!

Pasta for everyone, pasta for hungry athletes at the Bernbacher Party
Photo: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel

Roth’s city orchestra is playing „Ein Hoch auf uns“ (Cheers to us) to welcome the ca. 5.000 athletes, who came to the party to dig into pasta, salads, sauces and desserts. The party was all about the cheers to the athletes: Just as during the rest of the race weekend, they were the center of attention.

Alexander Frey from the main sponsor DATEV made it clear: „This is crazy. I wish all of you success and a great race on Sunday.”

And DATEV is all about this craziness. They not only give their name to Challenge Roth, they are really involved. “On Sunday, there will be more than 100 of our employees in the race. As single starters and relay teams. And I will be here all day to support our starters. This is something special for us every time and we are happy about every single one of our employees, that we can welcome at the finish line.

The atmosphere at the pasta party makes clear, how excited everyone is – athletes, volunteers, organizers and sponsors.

The race draws closer, the excitement is building up and surely some of the age groupers start feeling a bit nervous, too. There are no signs of nervousness among the professional athletes. However, signs of excitement can be easily detected. Rachel McBride is clearly affected by all the emotions around her: “Challenge Roth is an icon of this sport. Everything here is just great and I can’t wait for Sunday. It is easy to see, why this race fascinates people and keeps them coming back year after year.”

Rachel McBride, Sarah Crowley, Lucy Charles-Barclay and Daniela Bleymehl (from left to right) in conversation with presenter Tobias Ködel
Photo: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel

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