Lasting Memories

The end of a very emotional race


September 5, 2021 was a race day unlike any in Roth. After the cancellation of the race in 2020 and the postponement from July to September in 2021, for a long time it was uncertain whether the traditional long distance race could actually take place. But then it became a Challenge that all fans, supporters and, above all, the athletes will remember fondly. Because it was so completely different from all other Roth triathlon events in the past 40 years. And because everyone involved shared the same feelings: gratitude, joy and happiness.

DCR 2021 Finish Line Party

Gratitude, because this race was allowed to take place after such a long break - different than usual, quieter, but just as welcoming and a stunning day.

Joy, because Challenge fans were able to experience an event that will go down in the long history of the Roth Triathlon with the victories of Patrick Lange and Anne Haug and their fast times.

And last but not least, happiness, because DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep has survived the difficult, uncertain times and everyone can look to the future of Challenge with confidence.

Felix Walchshöfer summed this up in his emotional closing thank-you speech with very similar words at the end of the long race day. Moved, he thanked all volunteers and supporters for making this extraordinary race possible under difficult conditions. His words came straight from the heart.

The small but atmospheric fireworks to Johannes Oerding's song “Hundert Leben” brought the remarkable atmosphere to a close. The words "Without our yesterday I wouldn't be so looking forward to tomorrow today" expressed what everyone felt.

“We don't know what's coming - we only know what's going to last forever,” sang Johannes Oerding to the spectacular fireworks giving everyone goose bumps. Because what will stay forever is the memory of a very special day.


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