German premiere of the documentary „we are triathlon” in Roth

Enjoying the triathlon experience from a lounge chair – relaxed atmosphere at the German premiere of the documentary „we are triathlon“
Foto: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel

The cinema production follows six long distance athletes before and during their race at the DATEV Challenge Roth

Last night, menacing rain clouds were hanging in the sky, but this afternoon there was a clear blue sky in Roth. There are plenty of people in the ca. 1200 seats at the beer garden tables and the lounge chairs. Everyone's sight is fixed on the screen (12 square meters) – this is where the documentary “we are triathlon” is going to premier. The film was shot during the DATEV Challenge Roth 2014 and tells the story of six long distance athletes.

To start off the show, one of the best known and most loved triathletes in the history of the “Challenge”, Belinda Granger, grabs the microphone to introduce the movie. “This is a very special movie that shows the sport of triathlon from different perspectives.” says the legendary triathlete. She is happy that so much of the footage was shot in Roth and she wishes the crowds at the “Foodcourt” at Roth's “Triathlonpark” a good time watching the movie and its unforgettable insights into this emotional race.

Legendary triathlon commentator Bob Babbitt together with documentary film maker Yanfeng Zhang shot this elaborate movie in 2014. It focuses on top athletes like triathlon world champion Mirinda Carfrae and the legendary Luke McKenzie, but also on the race director of DATEV Challenge Roth, Felix Walchshöfer.

In 2014 Felix Walchshöfer, joined the race to honor his late father and founder of the brand “Challenge”, Herbert Walchshöfer. The movie captured emotional quotes, and footage showing the training sessions and the race in Roth.

The movie also shows the preparations of two age-groupers and their experiences at the world's biggest long distance triathlon event.

The sixth athlete who is portrayed in the 90-minute-movie is Rudy Garcia-Tolson. The US-athlete, born in 1988, does not have legs, due to a congenital disease. He is only able to move around on two artificial legs. He also competed in the race in Roth.

In August, the movie will premiere in cinemas across the United States. At the German premiere in Roth it was already met with frenetic applause from the viewers when the end credits rolled.


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