Big party at the end of a long anniversary festival

Sports can be hard. But sports can also be unbelievably enjoyable, emotional and touching. 2014 DATEV Challenge Roth was definitely all these things, and at its anniversary of “30 years of triathlon in Roth”, the eventful and touching race was the best birthday present of all, crowned by an unforgettable Finish Line Party.

The field of participants had as many top athletes as hardly any year before. The temperature was unusually hot and humid. There were record numbers of spectators already in the morning, and the party at the new stadium in the evening was a spine-tingling experience.

It was a day full of superlatives, and they didn’t stop at the end of a long race day – in a positive sense. TeamChallenge wanted to give itself - and especially all the helping hands behind the scenes as well as the unique community of spectators, who are well-known for their expertise and enthusiasm – the best birthday present of all: a Finish Line Party to enjoy with all your senses.

The finish line stadium was occupied to the limit, when a classical vocal quartet, a 20-minute fireworks display in all colors of the rainbow and spectators waving sparklers created moments to enjoy and marvel.

But not everyone had time to do so: This is what DATEV Challenge CEO Felix Walchshöfer emphasized in his short, but heartfelt speech, focusing on one main point: a big thank you to the 5,700 volunteers and the fact that “such a great triathlon festival” would not be possible without them.

This was acknowledged with much applause from the top athletes who had also come to the party and did what they are good at (apart perhaps from endurance sports): celebrate the end of a great day along with everyone else – ending in a farewell of “See you at the finish line in 2015”.

Classical music, accompanied with an aerial fireworks display, which painted the sky in all colors of the rainbow – a great finish of the anniversary triathlon festival at 2014 DATEV Challenge Roth

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