All of this year’s doping tests negative

According to NADA (German National Anti-Doping Agency), all doping tests that had been taken at DATEV Challenge Roth were again negative. As part of the so-called pre-competition blood tests, blood samples had been taken from 49 athletes in accordance with the WADA Operating Guidelines for the Athlete Biological Passport. Again, it was not necessary this year to impose any preliminary suspensions since no increased or in any way suspicious blood values were ascertained. After the competition on July 20, urine and blood samples had been taken from 20 athletes. The examination of the samples in accordance with the WADA Anti-Doping Regulations did not reveal any signs of prohibited substances or the application of prohibited methods. So the tests were “negative”.

On the whole, samples were taken from 53 athletes on Thursday and Sunday. This means that 16 athletes were tested both on Thursday and Sunday.

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