Welcome to the place to be: Roth!

BAYERN 3 sports announcer Bernd-Uwe talking to Daniela Sämmler and Andreas Dreitz.
Picture: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel

The 10th edition of the BAYERN 3 Party heats up the market square in Roth

On Friday night The BAYERN 3 Party welcomes its guests from all over the world. This year, it was the 10th time that the “BAYERN 3 Band” got the party going at Roth's market square and the first mayor Ralph Edelhäußer welcomed the guests in the center of the city.

Talking to BAYERN 3 sports announcer Bernd-Uwe Gutknecht, who is considered a “temporary world mayor”, Edelhäußer expresed his excitement about all the athletes who have come from 76 nations to Roth. According to him, it is very special for a small town like Roth to be the center of the world for a few days – at least the center of the triathlon world.

It all started 10 years ago as a media partnership. But by now, it has turned into one of the highlights of the Challenge weekend. For Walter Schmich, director of the broadcasting stations BAYERN 3, BAYERN 1 and PULS of Bayerischen Rundfunk, the two “families” are a match made in heaven: the radio family and the Challenge family. Together they have grown, as a look into his archive has shown him: 10 years ago, there were 100.000 visitors at the triathlon. Then last year, there were 260.000, which makes Roth's triathlon race the biggest single-day-sports event in Bavaria.

Also the top athletes have come to the “Welcome Party” at the market square! BAYERN 3 commentator Bernd-Uwe Gutknecht has brought Daniela Sämmler and Andreas Dreitz out onto the stage. So far, Daniela Sämmler was never able to show her full potential in Roth. She plans to change that this Sunday. “I'm feeling very fit. And that's not just empty talk.” She arrived in Roth after having won the Challenge in Heilbronn. When she is training, it is always the race in Roth that motivates her. Winning here is very, very high up on her wish list. And even though she is facing a strong women's field, Daniela Sämmler's ambitions are clear: “I won't leave empty handed!”

For Andreas Dreitz, who used to be in middle distance races, the start in Roth means a change of perspective: He has come to the race many times as a spectator. Being part of it now is a big honor to him. He feels ready for the long distance, a self-confidence, that has built up during his training sessions and he is sure, that “nobody is invincible”. He sees Kienle as his biggest competition for the win. According to him, Kienle is a very constant athlete and the one he has to beat to win the race. For Kienle, Roth is the one big race he has not won yet.

Next in line to talk to Bernd-Uwe Gutknecht on the busy market square were Felix Walchshöfer and Kathrin Walchshöfer-Helneder. Without the city authorities, the whole county and the more than 7500 volunteers, the DATEV Challenge Roth could never happen. Race director Felix Walchshöfer is sure, that the athletes feel welcome in Roth and his sister Kathrin knows that in Roth, it is not only about top performances, but also about a great triathlon party: “We want everyone to enjoy the experience. There has to be something for everyone.”

This idea has been adopted by “Challenge Women” in 2013: This 5k run for women on Saturday is about fun. 2000 female athletes have already registered for the event and thereby filled every single available starting spot. On Friday night, the coordinator of the event, Monika Fiedler-Proksch, announced that there are only two spots left and it didn't take long to find two girls who took the chance and who, 14 hours later, will be part of the “Challenge Women”.

The next 4 hours were taken up by the BAYERN 3 Band, who got the party at Roth's market square started right away!


The BAYERN 3 Band around singer Margit Silay got the party started the moment they started playing.
Picture: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel


Until late at night there was a great party atmosphere at Roth's market square.
Picture: TEAMCHALLENGE, Christoph Raithel


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